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The pub was built on a former mineral water factory which produced mineral water for years. When this factory was still up and running it also produced champagne.

Shortly after this new building was built it was named the ‘Sunderland Supporters Club’. This club was a private club in which only members of this club were allowed to drink and socialize. It was a private club for many years which attracted people from all over Sunderland.

After many years of being a private club it was then took over and turned into a public house. The owners at this time renamed the pub to the ‘Clipper Ship’.  During this time of having a new name and new atmosphere it still attracted people to come and see what the new pub was like.

The same owners then renamed it after many years to ‘The New Clipper’. The more they renamed it the more people it was attracting which made the pub get a better name for itself by the day.

After the owners renamed the pub they then decided to lease the pub out to someone. The person who then had the lease decided to change a lot of things about the pub and one thing was the name, which changed to ‘The Avenue’. The pub still began to grow and word got about the streets.

Finally the owners decided to sell the pub which then meant that the lease owner had to sell the lease to someone else. The owners found a buyer for the whole pub and the lease. To this day the pub is still called ‘The Avenue’ and still brings in the regulars who have been coming for years and years. The pub is now the busiest it has ever been and word is still getting about about the pub.


Meet Our Staff

Our company has always been dedicated to brewing excellent beers. That is why in our brewery
we have gathered only professional brewers and chefs.

Royal L. Garff Presidential Chair in Marketing, Marketing Department, Department of Marketing
Presidential Professor, Marketing Department, University of Utah

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Phone: 0191 567 7412
26 Zetland Street
UK, SR60EQ Sunderland